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The Alumni Association is a growing, active, vibrant organization. In addition to graduates of Nasson College, the Alumni Association supports and represents the interests of all members of the Nasson family. The most popular activities of the Alumni Association each year are the annual all-school reunions. All major activities are held on campus.

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Memories of time spent at Nasson College dating back as far as 1938! Sit back, get comfortable, and read what some of our Nasson Alumni have sent us. You may laugh. You may cry. And hopefully you'll remember your own great adventures with this amazing space and time in history. [Read more...]

  • By Mark Tschirch

    I had an Austrian grandmother who I never knew, she passed away before I was born but the stories passed down in my childhood were of a very kind and patient lady who loved to cook.

    Fast forward to 39 years ago and I am a sophomore at Nasson college, fall 1978. I applied to the Vienna Study abroad program so I could see where this mythical lady came from. I was accepted and at the end of January departed Logan Airport with 16 classmates. The furthest I had been from home was an awful summer road trip from my home in Massachusetts to Ann Arbor Michigan with my parents when I was 15. This was going to be better...

    And it was. Besides the usual fun that a 19 year old has in college with 16 classmates I had the great pleasure of getting to know Dr. Herberger. As a teacher he was engaging and informative.

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  • By Bill Cain

    In reading through some of the comments from the Class of '69 following their reunion, many people refer to their experience in the Study Abroad Programs headed by Dr. Strauch as being some of their fondest memories of Nasson.

    I caught up with Dr. Strauch a year ago February in Guam where he now lives. I was involved with the Vienna Study Abroad Program reunion in April 2008, and coincidentally, was traveling through Guam just a few months before the reunion

    My wife videotaped my meeting with Dr. Strauch in the Guam airport between our flights, and I've since uploaded it to YouTube where it can now be seen by anyone. The video IS archived on You Tube:

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  • By Helen Claire Gegenheimer Kennedy ("Geg")

    There are too many to mention but one amusing memory is of Mrs. Jackson (our housemother) and her weekly lectures on how to conduct ourselves and be a perfect lady -- including how to walk down a staircase without lowering your head to look at the stairs! I would love to hear from some of my classmates. A few months ago I was able to catch up with Lila Mitchell Sparrell (she was a two year student) whom I hadn't seen in over 50 years. We had a great visit and I plan to visit her when I next get up to Massachusetts. I found Lila through the Alumni Association. Thanks.

    What dorm or house did I stay in while at Nasson? Well, Brown Hall when I was a Freshman, Bradeen House when I was a Sophomore until they moved us back to Brown Hall to make Bradeen over into a home for the new President, John T. Holden. My Junior year was spent at Hanson Cottage and then for my Senior Year I was asked to remain at Hanson in order to be a House "Warden" for which I earned a small salary which was applied to my tuition and other expenses. That helped my struggling parents considerably. My own class moved on to Holmes House.

    How many people were in my class? Oh gosh, the four year class had only a handful...14 and there were 16 two year students. What was Springvale like in those days? Like a small rural village in which everyone knew everyone else. People congregated at Raymond's across the main street for snacks in between classes, we got goodies at Kostis' delicatessen and we did our practice work in and around Springvale.

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