Alumni Directory

Alumni Directory

Here is the Directory of Nasson College Alumni students, faculty, friends, etc. If you would like to add your own name and e-mail address (or update the information we have for you), please send your info via e-mail.

Don't have your own e-mail address? Write to us (PO Box 416, Springvale, ME 04083) via snail-mail, so that the Alumni Association knows how to reach you.

If your address changes, keep us up-to-date! And please, every time you write to us, be sure to mention your class year.

Everybody is listed under the year they graduated, or would have graduated, had they remained at Nasson College through graduation, which explains classes 1984-1986. All New Division students are listed under New Division unless they requested to be listed under year of graduation. Women are generally alphabetized by their maiden name, or their name used at college.

Class of 1942

Muguette Gervais Pepin
Phyllis Hall Smith -

Class of 1944

Frances Louise Hawley -

Class of 1945

Lila Mitchell Sparrell -

Class of 1946

Edna Stevens Fadden -
Louise Tibbetts Cook

Class of 1947

Helen (Geg) Gegenheimer Kennedy -

Class of 1948

Eleanor Austin Taylor -
Barbara Folsom Boyle -
Claire Plouff Sidelinger -
Edna Stevens Fadden -
Gloria Sylvester -
Helen Kostis Truman -
Nan Valentine Ricci -

Class of 1949

Thelma Sporn Goldberg -

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