Board Minutes

Board Meeting: Saturday, February 4, 2017

President Connie Witherby welcomed the sixteen Board members in attendance at the February meeting. She then turned the meeting over to Libby Rountree, our financial advisor.

Libby gave a detailed report on the George Nasson Trust account as well as the Alumni Association’s Endowment Fund. They are both doing well and Libby recommended that no changes should be made to the investments at this time.

The Secretary’s report was reviewed. A motion was made to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded and the vote carried in favor.

President Witherby reported that she had received a letter of resignation from Barbara Boyle. A motion was made to accept the resignation with regret. The motion was seconded and so voted. The Board members requested that a letter be sent to Barbara thanking her for her many years of support to the Alumni Association.

Connie also reported that Dr. Herberger had passed away and his obituary is posted on the website.

The website continues to be busy with various inquiries. The class of 1968 is planning for their 50th reunion in 2018. Seventy members have already committed to attend their planned events.

Treasurer Lorraine Masure reviewed the budget status. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report for the 2016 budget. The motion was seconded and the vote carried in favor. Lorraine also reviewed the budget proposal for 2017. A motion was made to accept the budget proposal for 2017. The motion was seconded and the vote carried.

Connie reviewed the work of the Administrative Committee. They have chosen items to be included in the store inventory and have completed plans for Alumni Day 2017.

Craig Dutra reported that the Nominating Committee is proposing that Mark Hoffman ’77 be elected to the Nasson College Alumni Association Board of Directors. A motion was made to accept their proposal. The motion was seconded and so voted.

Craig and his Committee is always looking for Alumni who are willing to serve on our Board.

Lorraine Masure reported for the Scholarship Committee. She distributed a copy of the proposed description of the two scholarships, one for merit and one to be chosen by the Sanford High School Technical Center. A motion was made to accept the descriptions as written. The motion was seconded and the vote carried unanimously.

Connie reported that Norm Pulaski has not received any nominations for the Hall of Fame. She also reported that several candidates are being considered for the Distinguished Alumni Award.

President Witherby then reviewed Homecoming 2016. Over seventy people attended with eleven walk-ins. There is a need to have a formal committee responsible for the clean-up after the event as well as someone to be responsible for the P.A. System. The Board will continue this discussion in August as a formal agenda item.

Our only sponsorship of an Educational and Cultural Event this year was our continued support to the Sanford-Springvale Historical Society events.

Nat Hoag reported that she has sixteen orders for new bricks for the Flag Plaza which will bring the total to over 600 bricks.

Peg Driscoll reported that the Nasson Community Center has a new Theatre Manager. The Center is also applying for a grant to replace the lights in the gym as well as security cameras. The Center is also looking for a part-time manager for the gym. The Center continues to be busy. Staffing has been a problem that they continue to work on improving.

Connie reported that the Newsletter will go to the printer on March 7 and will be mailed on March 20. Please submit any articles to her before the 7th.

Pat reported that the store has purchased socks, baseball hats, t-shirts and knit winter hats. She will be ordering sweatshirts. The Administrative Committee is looking into Christmas Tree Ornaments. Pat is open to any other suggestions.

Connie asked the Board if they had any ideas to make the Newsletter more interesting. It was suggested that an article follow-up on scholarship recipients would be of interest. Also, run a column of Alumni as to “Where Are They Now”? Any other suggestions would be helpful.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nina Eastman Chabot ‘57
Recording Secretary

Board Members Present Board Members Absent
Pat Baldwin
Dodie Blake
Nina Chabot
Peg Driscoll
Craig Dutra
Richard Ford
Nat Hoag
Tom Jagger
Ray Kelley
Janice Longfellow
Merrill Marsh
Lorraine Masure
Kyle Osborne
Dave Plocharczyk
Marjorie Sanborn
Connie Witherby
Barbara Boyle
Meg Broderick
Sharrie Dumont
June Gillis
Carl Johnson
Norm Pulaski
Roberta Pulaski
Kimba Saliba
Al Walker
Priscilla Walker
Kirk Williamson