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Letter: With love, Nasson Friends



  • From Bonnie "Bones" Hamm

    Upper 1 keg parties, Hilltop House. "Pre-Beas Party Hardy Show and the many friends I made from '76-'80. The Blue Grass Festival was always fun, and who could forget D-Day!!!! Did we do any drinking back then????

  • From Dale Mrazik

    D-Day on the Quad!

  • From Mike Kotlar

    Killer Kegs, Wiffle Ball, Gym Hockey, Full-Contact Monopoly, and the Find Cuisine.

  • From Anne (Burke) Roberts

    I was Cathy Ackerson's roommate and the best one she probably ever had because I was always over at Allen with Paul Lowerre!/p>

    GOOD GOD those were craaaazy years. I wonder about all of you guys and gals and how everyone has hopefully grown up without losing the magic.

    I remember writing some pretty God-awful poetry for the newsletter. But they printed it anyway. Very sweet. D-day is something I still talk about. That kind of stuff would not go over these days. Can you imagine? A truck filled with Screwdrivers and Bloodies and.... at 8:00 am?

    Despite the fact that I was a party animal I did receive a nice education. Labatte (Sp?) the English teacher really drove me nuts... He was tough and we didn't get along but I NEVER forgot him and what he taught me.

    I remember the gross hot-dogs all the guys would get at 2:00 am down at the stop and go. Keith singing CSNY songs so beautifully and some great Dave Mason harmonies with Seth, Paul, Keith and myself plus others.

    I'm living in Vermont and married with no kids... yay! Loving life and have my own business designing and selling Polar Fleece clothing and hats.

    If anyone from those years wants to please email me. I'm thrilled to have found the site.

  • From William Bigg

    History classes with Dr. Young. Bluegrass festivals. Hikes in the fall. Hunting excursions before class. Dr. Henderson's seminar on Latin American. The boys of Pryor Hussey (76-78)!

  • From Keith Lanzoni

    (In no particular order) Hilltop House, The Blend, backgammon, "The Goods", Blow Dogs, WNCY, Florence, indoor hockey, flag football, Bea's, Rockin' Robere & The Eight O'Clock Sharps, Colleen, WOP's American Flag spandex, Jill &Cathy (damn you, Ivan!), hiking with the "Doctor", the "microdot Halloween", the night Lowell took over the radio station, Lowerre, Billy Bigg's Fall harvest, Sciota, snow seals, Boston Arrowsmith & Little Feat blaring from the dorm rooms, "double-singles", lofts, D-Day, foosball, nitrous, the Robert E. Nimms Memorial Grafitti Sheet, Hook 1, Hook 2, Benny, Rochester NH, Bradco, Upper 1, Bluegrass, hookin' the pay phone...
    (June 24, 2010)

  • From Peter Colby

    Saco River, the morning after on the Quad, Allen Hall et al camaraderie, the canoe sofa, NFG outings, numerous gatherings @ the Hill, late night "basement" studies @ the library, mud rallies, snowball fights, freezin-ass beach surf fit for no man or beast, Skow's homemade movies, Ted David: where are you now?, Dr. Rollins, etc., etc., etc.

  • From Lillian Handler Koch

    D day, walks through the woods in the snow, LL Bean runs in the middle of the night, Goose Rocks Beach, snow sculptures on the quad....

    Sitting by the fire in the Marland Hall lounge when it actually had furniture. D-Day, walking in the first snow of the year, the ocean in winter, L.L. Bean in the middle of the night, "the desert of Maine," . . . . Those were the days!

  • From Keith Harlow

    Making the Dragon snow sculpture during Winter Weekend 1978 in front of Allen Hall. Remembering the rides up to the Hill in Jefferson's milk truck and forgetting how we got back again. Hoping "D-Day" would land on a day we had a test. "10 for 2 at 8" keg parties in Upper 1. Standing at the Observatory on top of Beaver Hill at midnight and seeing forever....

  • From Karin Moller

    The Quad in the snowstorm of '78... P.B., my friend Lillian Handler -- where are you? Working in the dining commons with "mystery meat", Miles, Niles And polar bear Bruce Burrows!

  • From Mark Tschirch

    Too bad hindsight comes after.

    I knew during my years at Nasson that I was having a lot of fun and making great friendships. What I did not understand was the profound effect those time would have on the rest of my life (so far). It was a great place to grow up because there were so many good people around. I am also impressed with the impact my fellow alum have had on this world in general.

    I communicate with many due to this web site and see classmates in person whenever possible. All are very proud of Nasson and look back as I do on a great time in our lives.

  • From Philip Rock

    Roaming around the beautiful woods with my friends.

    Learning to be a scientist from Drs: Ciullo, Ferren, LaPrade, and others whose names escape me at the moment!

    Listening to History of Science lectures from Dr. Phelps.

    It was one heck of a place to learn both subject material and lessons in Life.

  • From Caroline Janis Rimmer

    Although, I didn't actually graduate from Nasson, I was a student there and lived on campus from autumn 1977- spring 1979.

    I, then remained with Nasson, but only for the first semester of my junior year, spent abroad in Florence, Italy in autumn '79.

    Afterwards, I transfered to U.R.I., but was only able to keep up with a few fellow students. I would love hearing from anyone who was around campus at this time, either those who lived in Prior-Hussey hall from '77-'78, or those who were living in Folsom hall from '78-'79, as well as those who were a part of the study abroad progrom in Florence, or anyone else from the class of 1981. I would so much appreciate hearing from anyone who was around at this time. As I live in France, I've lost touch with friends from my past so hopefully, it would be great to be put in touch with some of them again!

    P.S. THANK GOD for the internet and Google!

  • From Jocelyn Cooper Stover (

    Hi, I am looking for contact information for two graduates: James E Haley, Class of 1980, Sandra Cadorette, Class of 1983. Thank you. Jocelyn Cooper Stover, Class of 1981, Associate's in Accounting - Transferred to USM.
    (December 16, 2009)

  • From Mark Tschirch (

    I had an Austrian grandmother who I never knew, she passed away before I was born but the stories passed down in my childhood were of a very kind and patient lady who loved to cook.

    Fast forward to 39 years ago and I am a sophomore at Nasson college, fall 1978. I applied to the Vienna Study abroad program so I could see where this mythical lady came from. I was accepted and at the end of January departed Logan Airport with 16 classmates. The furthest I had been from home was an awful summer road trip from my home in Massachusetts to Ann Arbor Michigan with my parents when I was 15. This was going to be better...

    And it was. Besides the usual fun that a 19 year old has in college with 16 classmates I had the great pleasure of getting to know Dr. Herberger. As a teacher he was engaging and informative. What was also comforting was the thought that we took along a surrogate dad so if things ever got really out of hand he could help us out. Our class did not have to request this support but I heard stories of an earlier Vienna Study abroad group that took a weekend trip to somewhere behind the Iron Curtain and stole a bunch of flags on a main street somewhere. The authorities had a plan to extend their visit to a gulag somewhere to the east but “Chuck” and Peter Yandel smoothed things over and they all made it back to Austria.

    I think one of the coolest things was that he opened up a world to us and sort of stood back and watched us see it for ourselves. He really expanded my horizons and view of the world outside the United States. Being one of the "Greatest Generation” his war time experience added to what I was seeing abroad. He started out in the Navy Airmen program and I had lots of questions about what this was like for him as I had always wanted to be a pilot. He admitted to me that he had trouble landing the training aircraft exactly on a particular spot and said this was a pretty essential skill for pilots landing on aircraft carriers so he was washed out of that program. He said he really enjoyed the Navy and had no regrets about serving. I asked him what his assignment was after the airman program and he said he was given command of an LMD. I had no idea what this was and he explained that an LMD was a (Large Mahogany Desk) smile and wink.

    Study abroad was 100 days long and in the almost 15,000 days that have passed since we returned I think of the experience often - so vivid was that time.

    So life moves forward and we all say goodbye to Nasson upon graduation and then really forever when the school closed. We get on with our lives!

    Fortunately, about 10 years ago I learned that Dr. “Chuck” lived about and hour away from me in Centerville, Ma. We reconnected and organized a reunion of the 1979 Study Abroad group and 14 of the original 17 students attended. Tim Boden travelled from Idaho and won the record for greatest distance travelled to attend. It was really great to see everyone of course. Since then I tried to stop in from time to time and have a visit. I was fortunate to learn more about this man and his life during these visits.

    He told me he had a wonderful life after Nasson. He and his wife travelled the world. He continued to write and communicate with other academics in his retirement years.

    I thought all of you who were influenced and/or mentored by this man might like to know these things about him.

    Bon Voyage Chuck

    Mark Tschirch
    (February 9, 2017)

  • From Mary Ann Pinto (

    Ulrike Fritz (later Dr. Phil Ulrike Fritz) who was a German student in the Class Year 1981 (the only year she attended) passed away on August 16, 2011. She was teaching Shakespearean literature in Munich. Sadly I received this news from her mom a very short while ago and would love to get the word out to those who knew her.
    (December 14, 2011)

  • From Michael G. Bray

    I met Michele Windsor at Nasson who I later married. Need I say more?

  • From Kim (Shick) Rock

    In no particular order: my 1st sight of Nasson.... excessive amounts of drugs & alcohol... rampant promiscuity (STRAPPIN'!!!)... "Old" Dr. Young, Dr. Phelps (MEEF!), Dr. Calvin I-Forget-His-Last-Name (History prof) & the Poli-Sci prof (same problem).... The Allen Hall Table in the DC... Portland, Summer of '81... Lion's Den best damned chocolate frappes... the man I never should have married... ice sculptures... Happy Hours at the Hill & kamikaze birthday pitchers... missing out on "The Novel As History"... sort of sharing a room with Claire & T. Vela... getting asked to live in Holmes..... watching the world go by from my corner room in Folsom .... Upper & The "Beautiful People" - and not being one...

    There's probably a lot more I could mention, but after all, the brain cells DID take a beating. Combine that with middle age and, well...

  • From Jim Dorman

    My best friend from home came to visit me back in 1979. I was a living in Upper Campus I with my roommate Peter Buttkus. My friend took a bus up and got off in Springvale. He just started asking random people if they knew me and if they knew where my dorm room was. He said that everyone he asked knew who I was and exactly where my dorm room was and probably where I was at that moment.

    That's the kind of place Nasson was. Everyone knew each other and everyone cared about each other. The great part about it was that I think we knew it while we there.

    A few random thoughts:
    No classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, now there's a brilliant program for 150 freshman up in the wood by themselves.
    Traveling to see the Dead in Portland in the middle of finals two years in a row.
    Seeing what was left to drink in Reflections the Hanscom Hall bar at 3:00 a.m.
    The Pryor Hussey Christmas Party that turned into Sodom and Gomorrah with people carrying their own mistletoe and conveniently forgetting their dates.
    Desy bringing drinks to the Judicial Board hearings.
    Late night hockey practices in Rochester, NY - Not really memorable, just annoying.
    Watching the Bruins lose the Canadians in seven with Ronny Savenor and Ronny Christ.
    Watching the Red Sox lose to the Yankees in Marland. Will somebody shut up that blonde Yankees fan (Rat)?
    Hearing the maid cry after she saw the state of the bathrooms on a Monday morning after an Upper I kegger.
    Olam the Mad Iranian
    Rat, Slify, Nesi, Anna, Bongy, Elle, Chaps and Jane
    Jackie Flynn, Ronnie Christ, Brian Burke
    Buttkus, Bish and Koeppler
    Tim and Bert Salib
    Mac, Desy, Killer, Brad, Harry O, Zip
    Hurls and the Prick
    Franky Silva and the Allen Dudes
    Dr. Gold
    Mr. Scott
    Dr. Young
    Dr. Russell

    (Added 9/4/03): Everything was cool, but especially the crazy cocktail parties on special weekends. For example: Heaven and Hell in Upper II followed by the 1980 Olympic Hockey win followed by the Blend at the hill on Winter Weekend.

    FYI I recently attended a reunion of the band Zachariah at which time we recalled their surprize performances at D-day and a pre-Christmas dinner in the DC. It seemed to be memorable for them too.

  • From Mark Colby

    D-Day, Project Pals, 8 at 8 for 2, etc....

  • From Alicia Mozian

    I remember a lot, but what immediately comes to mind was being a wombat at the Hill for 4 freakin' years and cleaning up all that crap! Oh well, now any job I have is better than that one! No really, I remember more than that, mostly that I met a lot of great people and learned a lot, (oops I mean a lot). I wouldn't have changed anything. I hope there is a big turnout at the reunion so we can reminisce in person.

  • From Skip Pfohl

    Too many to tell FROM Day One with Dean Worthless gift of a kegger in Upper campus to lets give Freshmen, tuesday and thursday off for study days ya that will work needless to say that just the begining of four great memories from Reflections the after hours place in upper II, or maybe it was rhe heaven and hell bashes, to semi formals, road rallies, lacrosse games, soccer games, parties at the hill and Holesworth park all the great people who came and went in just four years what memories, most were good memories spent with good friends. Returning to the home coming events back at Nasson has nothing less than fun. I have been involved with help planning clss reunions. Just seeing your old buddies brings back some real vivid memories. Hope to hear from old friends and hopefully see them at an upcoming Home Coming Reunion.

  • From Catherine Ackerson Cerretani (

    I would love to hear more from my fellow classmates. I enjoyed Nasson greatly and although I ultimately finished my college education at SUNY Binghamton NY, Nasson held and still holds a great spot in my heart. I would like to give my whereabouts to those that might be interested. I have a facebook site at Catherine Ackerson Cerretani or I can be reached at 303-330-5389, 2424 5th St. Boulder, CO 80304.
    (December 16, 2009)

  • From Stephen Fahey (

    Would like to reach out to Mark Colby and Kathy Caslavka, class of 82 and Leilani Martin Cardoza, class of 79. Would like to know how they're doing. At the very least, would like to know I was thinking about them. Hope things have turned out well for them. If they don't respond, at least they'll know they impacted my life greatly.
    Respectfully, Stephen Fahey
    (December 16, 2009)

  • From Eric Petren (

    What memories! 8 ball raffle for outing club first weeks of freshman year. Hanscomb’s babbling brook was great in upper. The hill the parties the people the old powder blue 74 valiant that hung in there for the three years of crazy driving and times. Steve lublin and our school court appearance. Next year nelson (campus cop) first day back,” hey 645 cdk glad to see you!” Did I get that many tickets? HE MEMORIZED MY PLATES. Then the goods, the move into my favorite dorm in upper what a great time still have so many fond memories. Would like to have all the pictures that tony baker took to believe and revisit all the things that happenend. Still in touch with some wish others would reappear. Only went to one reunion but it was great. So lucky that no serious trouble happened given all that was done. Still have dreams and thoughts of the great times I remember. Growing along with so many others, still to this day have had some say it was the best they have seen. It was so good to have been a part of that. Still can say that outside of fatherhood it was some of the freshest fun times I have ever had. Nasson hold a place in my heart that I hold on to tightly and smile. Well good luck to all and good luck in your adventures. hey steve rosenshine you still out there? Will trade stories with anyone that was there.
    (October 4, 2008)

  • From Fred Morrison (

    My name is Fred Morrison, and I attended Nasson from Sept. 1980 until the end of 1st semester, 1981. I transferred to UMass Amherst Mass then. I have a lot of fond memories of the time I spent there. I would have graduated in Class of '84, but opted to attend UMass and major in Environmental Sciences.
    (April 23, 2013)

  • From Steven Fanale (

    When I heard that Nasson College was going to close on Sunday May 1, 1983 my heart broke. I was already deeply depressed because I was lonely and I need to talk to someone about this particular problem that was killing me. At 17:00 HRS I bowed my head in deep silence and went to the music room to listen to classical music. I played Adagio For Strings Op.11 by Samuel L. Barber and I started to cry. After that I played from Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World which really made me cry. After that I played Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles. Then after I cried I ate my supper and took a long walk around Marietta. I wanted to feel better but I did not. I did have my first kiss that day and quite frankly I did not expect it. A man who was 6’ 9’’ tall saw me walking and decided to take me into his home near the college. He knew that I was depressed and that I yearned for his friendship. He was a male escort and a male model. His name was Christian. We had a drink and then he asked me to stay with him for the night which I did. I had the best massage I ever had and that helped me to realize that all hope was not lost. I have kept in contact with him and we have seen each other in Boston.

    I will always cherish Nasson College because that was the only place where I could make friends. I have since leaving Nasson College in 1982 graduated from Bridgewater State College with a B.A. in History in 1985. My M.A. in 2003 from Shepperton University and I do have my teaching certification from Massachusetts Department Of Education which I obtained in 1994.

    My library of history books totals 7500 and I have published a book called The Curse Of The Bambino Or How The Red Sox Finally End It. The paperback edition cost $20 and the hardcover $25. You can purchase my book from Barnes And,, If you want a copy from me just kindly send me your name, address, town/city state and zip code and I will send you an autographed copy. The price will be for the paperback $15. Shipping and handling I will take care of. I have other books that are in the production stages as well and when they come out I will gladly let you know about it. In the meantime take care.
    Steven M.Fanale

  • From Steve Rosenschein (

    Please put my name and E-MAIL on a contact list as these were the best years and people of my life.
    (November 24, 2008)


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