Administrative Committee Chair: Constance Witherby, '73

Administrative Committee Recorder: Nina Eastman Chabot, '57

Finance Committee Chair: Lorraine Dutile Masure, '70

Flag Plaza Brick Procurement: Natalie Mariner Hoag, '55
and Nina Eastman Chabot, '57

Hall of Fame Committee Chair: Norman Pulaski, '62

Heritage Center Culinary Inventory Coordinator: Janice Longfellow, '59

Homecoming 2016: Bradford French, '74

Membership List: Lorraine Dutile Masure, '70

Mailings Coordinator: June Peterson Gillis, '54

Marketing: Everybody

Newsletter Copy/Layout Design Editor: Constance Witherby, 73

Nominating Committee Chair: Craig Dutra, '77

President: Constance Witherby, '73

Recording Secretary: Nina Eastman Chabot, '57

Scholarships: Lorraine Dutile Masure, '70

Store Manager: Patricia Baldwin, 60

Traveling Lion: Dorothy Daly Blake, '60

Treasurer: Lorraine Dutile Masure, '70

Vice-president: Allan Walker, '64

Website Manager: